Stitch Fix. I tried it.

Well I did it, finally.  I ordered my first Stitch Fix.  I have to say I am a bit disappointed and I was so excited and hopeful.  I did end up with a pair of jeans that I surprisingly like.  Length is long like I like and they are a dark wash.  Nice to have another pair to wear. (I have like 10 pairs, I wear one.)   I did tell MY STYLIST that I do not like short pants.  Too short and I will not wear.  She did take that into consideration and I was happy about that!   What I learned - I need to specify NO BLOUSES.  I do not wear them.  Becky told me they (Stitch Fix) likes blouses.  I do not.  Also, while the dress they sent me when I first looked at it was like UGH, but I tried it on and it was actually ok. But, I am not in the market for a dress right now. So it would hang in the closet.

Just a note on the pictures.  I am sick with a nasty cold and really don't have a lot of energy to put much into this, plus its been a llllloooooooonnnggggg time since I last blogged and its aggravating!!


Blouse #1 - Old Lady like prints according to James.  Jadyn said No too!

 Blouse #2.  I liked this one but it was a tad tight. I didn't like it enough to exchange it for a different size.

Kut from the Kloth Boot Cut Jeans.  Nice and long like I like them!  Keeping!

Shirt dress.

Too big and hangy of a cardigan.  Ick.
So what did I learn - if I do try this another time, I am going to ask for shirts/sweaters/long sleeve to go with my new jeans.  NO Blouses whatsoever and no dress. 

In the end I am happy because I got myself some new jeans that fit like I like them and it was very little hassle.  Next time I am in the market for new jeans, I know this brand has a nice length to them. 

If you are interested in trying this out use my referral code (like I did for Becky...your welcome!) and I get credit when you order a Fix!! 


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