Stitch Fix. I tried it.

Well I did it, finally.  I ordered my first Stitch Fix.  I have to say I am a bit disappointed and I was so excited and hopeful.  I did end up with a pair of jeans that I surprisingly like.  Length is long like I like and they are a dark wash.  Nice to have another pair to wear. (I have like 10 pairs, I wear one.)   I did tell MY STYLIST that I do not like short pants.  Too short and I will not wear.  She did take that into consideration and I was happy about that!   What I learned - I need to specify NO BLOUSES.  I do not wear them.  Becky told me they (Stitch Fix) likes blouses.  I do not.  Also, while the dress they sent me when I first looked at it was like UGH, but I tried it on and it was actually ok. But, I am not in the market for a dress right now. So it would hang in the closet.

Just a note on the pictures.  I am sick with a nasty cold and really don't have a lot of energy to put much into this, plus its been a llllloooooooonnnggggg time since I last blogged and its aggr…

Favorite things

2 of my recent additions to my favorite things.  First I will tell you about this product I came to know and actually is perfect for the dry skin our winters cause us to have.  
SheaMoisture brand products

This stuff in particular is what I am using now.  I use it daily as a facial moisturizer. It is sooo thick I store it upside down and have to take the cap off to squeeze any of it out.  It absorbs quickly and it has oats, aloe and Vitamin E in it to calm skin.  It has a pleasant smell...not too perfumey.  I also have a nice Olive and Green Tea body wash that I am using too.
I don't think its for African skin only....I was wondering at first and I do think the company does make a lot of products for African skin and hair....though after looking for pictures online to post of this I am beginning to think I am the only white girl using this product!  
The website it pretty nice. I will need to check out some more of this product line and they use only natural, cert…

the next challenge

Thanksgiving came and went. It was yummy. As usual. As expected. My 2nd Run Turkey Run 5K is in the books. I thought it couldn't be colder then last year. Well, I was wrong. It was cold AND windy. I felt good the entire run. I was still a bit cold, but this year I was a bit more prepared in clothing/layers and I wore my new Columbia OMNI heat base layers. My thighs didn't take all day to warm back up, unlike last year. I was able to run the whole distance, so that made me very happy.

My next challenge, if I decide to partake will be the March 21 2015 Climb for Air. IF I participate again this year it will be my third year in a row. I say "IF" because last year was pure HELL. (see picture on side bar! Are we not just the cutest!) I know I don't have to push myself that hard, but I like a challenge and I like to try and beat my previous times. Plus I did my best last year in attempting to beat Jimmy. If you recall he never actually did pass me on the steps, but his…
Today I volunteered at the schools Scholastic Book Fair.  Oh how I remember loving when those little papers would be sent home in our folders.  How I would beg for a book each and every time!  Usually it ended up being one of the most expensive books in whole whole thing.  Not much has changed in that regard!

This is the 2nd time I have volunteered and both times it was very nice.  Its so cute to see the kids (along with my own) come in to purchase books. If I didn't need to work as much I really think I would very much enjoy volunteering at the school more often.  And at this age my girls LOVE having me there.

I ended my day at school by having lunch with Jenna at 1120 followed by lunch with Jadyn at 12. Mom is still cool to hang out with, ya know?!?!  Plus with Jadyn's friends, I brought in some eggless cookie dough treats that Guy made. Those went over very well with the girls!

My last thing on my to do list was get my tires rotated.  That went well too.  I am afraid that …

Dinner on a stick

I don't know what was with me, but all summer long I had no desire to cook dinner or even think about what was going to be for dinner.  Ick.   I usually like cooking, but no new inspiration or even care to look for recipes, made cooking dinner a major issue. And for some reason, people in my family want dinner every freaking night!!!
Back to school, fall in the air (doubtful since its now the hottest its been all summer) I don't know what it is but I have the desire to cook again!  Good thing cause brats were getting kinda old!  
I have been perusing Pinterest again lately, so that probably helps a bit.  Soooo, anyways...good ol Shelly pinned this recipe to Pinterest just recently and I thought it looked darn good and easy too. (the 2 requirements of most meals I make)
Well, it was kid friendly and Jimmy and I liked it too!  
Meatball sub on a stick Recipe  from
The original recipe is from the Pillsbury Bake-Off  Whoa!!!

I wish mine looked this awesome, they …

Hit the road James, Jenny, Jadyn and Jenna!

Well, if all went as planned we should be on the road by now.  I planned on going into work on Friday at 4 AM, and not take a lunch so I can be out and on my way home by Noon.  Hopefully on the road by 1:30 pm.  

We are totally winging this first day/nights drive.  We were initially going to stop 1/2 way through Minnesota, but are plans have changed and we are going to see how its going and try to get to Souix Falls, SD instead.  Push it hard one day, take it easier the next days drive....  

We are all super excited and hopefully I can come home with some awesome pictures and great memories!

1 week to go

So its Friday and exactly 1 week til we leave on our adventure to the West.  Final destination : Yellowstone.  Along the way we are scheduled to stay in a campground 5 minutes from Mt Rushmore and attend a well known nightly rodeo in Cody,WY before we step foot in Yellowstone.

Among the usual sightings at Yellowstone, on one very special day - My Birthday, we are planning to drive down to the Tetons in Jackson Hole.  I have heard by many that they would go back to the Tetons again. With neither of us ever being west of Minnesota, we are all really looking forward to it all.  The kiddos and me too, are excited to cross off some more states that we can say we have been in.  We will pass through Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana by time we are back home.  We are all set to play the license plate game along the long, long way.

For us to go on this trip and make it least costly and fun(?!?!?), we decided to camp.  The girls are still young and will think its cool!  So, Yup we a…